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Silicone Socks Moisturizing Gel And Smoothing feet


  • Gel heel socks for crack feet are made of good quality cotton and gel, very warm and comfortable, suitable for moisture dry hard cracked skin and soften repair feet
  • gel heel socks have vented hole for breathable, allow better air flow without stuffiness, even if you wearing them every night and and it makes your heels look like they are fresh from a pedicure all the time now
  • Innovative M-Gel pad at heel releases medical-grade mineral oil and vitamins to treat skin
  • Built-in moisturizing gel in heel of socks, help to soften dry, hard and cracked cuticle on your heels, treat skin cracks and prevents skin chapping, moisturize your skin to a natural and healthy look
  • Open toe gel heel socks with good air permeability is good for keeping your feet cool
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